Work With Me


Throw away all expectations, especially if you’ve worked with other agencies or freelancers before. Working with me means working with one-man company, no outsourcing, and no useless extra charges.

Book a free no-obligation discovery call

This is where I can learn more about you and give you practical, focused and actionable advice tailored to your business or product needs.

This 30-minute call is the best way to learn how we can collaborate together to make big things happen for you.

About my process

I believe successful projects should be all about flexibility and lots of communication. No matter what you hire me for: a user interface for your product, new branding for your company, or packaging for your latest creation, your experience as my client is just as important to me.

At the start of any new project, we’ll take the time to get on the same page and agree on what the final product should look like, and when it needs to be finished.

My goal is to bring you the most value for every penny. That means, I’ll sometimes advise you to work with someone who is more junior, or perhaps I’ll talk to your team and see how we can best lower your costs.

First, we’ll get really clear on what the final product should look like. Need product strategy? We’ll clearly outline what the strategy will cover, what questions it will answer, and how you want all this information delivered.

Usually, the work I do tends to be one – or a combination – of the following:

  • Branding & brand strategy (for products, websites, companies…you name it)
  • Plan, build, and implement scalable design systems
  • Design and improve the online experience of your current platforms
  • Create new or enhance existing packaging designs
  • Plan, build and design strategies, presentations, pitch decks, sales and marketing layouts

Timelines & Deadlines

I never miss a deadline.

I will never give you a date that can’t be met and will point out any timeline issues you might present. I respect the project and set aside enough time to get it done correctly.

How much will it all cost?

My goal is to bring you the most value for the time and money you put into this. Whatever the final price is, I know that you’ll be satisfied with the value the project has added to your company or project.

Think of it this way: Working with me is an investment, not an expense.

I encourage you to be as involved in the project as you want to be. I believe no one knows your business better than you and I love working with innovative people to make great products. I’m here to be your go-to creative partner.

Design coaching & consulting

You’re busy. You don’t need a month-long discovery process. You need a good designer who’s done a lot and you need him, well, yesterday.

I work with busy companies and overwhelmed design teams who need some additional help (but don’t have all day). You’ve done enough discovering. You know your brand like the back of your hand. You just need a designer with a hell of a lot of experience to do the work.