You know how businesses don’t perform well while doing the same boring thing other companies are doing?

I solve that by creating brands & experiences that have the power to attract the right customers & clearly connect with the right audience in our noisy digital world.

I would LOVE to share all my projects with you, but the truth is…I can’t. I’ve signed a bunch of NDA’s that keep me from telling all the juicy details, but keep scrolling for a few projects that I can share and some of what my clients and peers have said.

A Fantastic Graphic Designer

Gabriel is a fantastic graphic designer. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He did a brand refresh for us, which included a new logo, business card design, overall colour scheme, and letterhead/website overall design. He was fantastic to work with and fast. Everything was done much quicker than I anticipated. And at what I thought to be a very reasonable rate.

Matthew Ramadan

Certified Financial Planner

A Dream Designer To Work With

Gabriel is a dream designer to work with. He’s passionate. He’s smart. He’s meticulous. He comes loaded with ideas and really thinks through all of his design decisions. He’s a great researcher and pulls great references that point the way he’s headed with his solutions. He works quickly and is a great communicator. Talented. Smart. What more do you need? When I need design help, it’s Gabriel all the way. Hire him.

Brian Krenzer

Creative Director | Art Director | Strategist

A True Professional

Working with Gabriel on my brand and logo has been a very seamless and engaging experience. He is a true professional in his craft and a very clear communicator in his approach to delivering ideas and concepts into the final product. A downright class act without a doubt in my mind.

Adam Dunlop

Customer Support | App Development

Highly Skilled & Always On Time

Highly skilled and always on time (and on point) with his deliverables as well as feedback and comments for other designers. Working with Gabriel is smooth and easy, as he provides plenty of support and is always on board for new challenges and last minute projects.

Cyril Rouhana

Digital Product Manager

Talent, Passion & Sense of Humor

He certainly knows what he’s doing and feels strongly about whatever project he’s working on, going to great length to explain why he sees it the way he does without losing the necessary flexibility to meet the client halfway. Gaby’s talent and passion (and his unbeatable sense of humor) made him a great asset to the creative team and a valuable colleague.

Nisrine Najem

Digital Creative Lead

Seriously Hard Working and Talented

A seriously hard working and talented individual. Work with Gabriel was smooth and easy, as he provided plenty of support and was always on board for new challenges and last minute projects.

Ashley El-Jor

Copywriter + Marketing Strategist & Consultant